We’re ecstatic to announce that Supernormal 2015 will be hosting the first UK show in over twenty years from the maverick and mercurial force that is #A.R.Kane.

The new name adds the ‘#’ symbol, Rudy Tambala explains “We needed a new name that contemporises the band, was a tad ironic, and flatly stated that this line-up is sans Alex. Should Alex come out-to-play, we can easily drop the ‘#’, so to speak”

Rudy has assembled a line-up featuring ” … a couple original A.R.Kane players … and two millennial upstarts of extreme beauty and talent …” to grace us with a repertoire that remains akin to nothing else any dreamer has ever heard, before or since.

For the uninitiated, A.R.Kane was formed by Rudy Tambala and Alex Ayuli, from Stratford in East London. Between 1986 and 1994 A.R.Kane made genre-defying records that radiate with an otherworldly intensity. Early singles like ‘When You’re Sad’ and ‘Lollita’, and later albums like 1988’s ’69’ and 1989’s ‘i’ occupy a unique headspace – by turns hallucinatory, surreal, melodious and darkly erotic, this band’s music traverses into dubbed-out experimentation as seamlessly as groove-based euphoria, celestial expanses of sound and unforgiving noise-based dystopia. Rarely has a band been more haunting, harrowing and heavenly – often all at once – than this one.