A+E curates and performs in the gaps between performance and experience. Their work is heavily influenced by free improvisation and performance art, with a knowing nod to the absurd.

For Supernormal, A+E will be (amongst other things) hosting a silent feast, inviting their audience under the covers for an improvised musical performance and running a dream exchange service, as well as performing various impromptu Fluxus scores across the weekend.

Drone Blanket:
An improvised live performance performed under large blanket serving to create an ad-hoc venue for an immersive experience that is open to anyone who fancies a noisy snuggle.

The Feast:
A feast will be cooked and served to participants, eating in strictest silence. Sounds created through the feasting ceremony will being the performative act.

Artist and hypnotist Hannah Drayson hosts this traveling speculative market and dream exchange service. Where do YOU want to go?

Fluxus Scores:
Various Fluxus (and similar) text scores for musical and non-musical activities are performed ad-hoc over the course of the weekend with scores submitted by passers-by performed.

A physical noise-music performance where junk objects are manically manipulated and man-handled to the point of insanity.

Keep an eye out for See the village green notice board for timing for specific events or